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Department of Human Genetics KU Leuven


The core business of the Center for Human Genetics is human and developmental genetics, neurogenetics and cancer genetics. For this reason we have chosen to structure the department around these three pillars by means of research programmes, headed by a program director.

Embriology and Human Genetics Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Topic A : assisted fertilization for severe male-factor infertility Infertile couples who cannot be treated by standard in vitro fertilization, a.single spermatozoon is injected by micro-manipulation technique into the oocyte. Factors influencing the success of intracytoplasmatic sperm injection. Topic B : Cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos Since the number of oocytes and embryos which are replaced has to be limited to two or three, ...

Laboratory for Genetics of Human Development KU Leuven


The research in the Laboratory for Genetics of Human Development has a focus on the clinical and genetic characterisation of genetic disorders, with special emphasis on dysmorphology, congenital malformations of the heart and face and intellectual disability. They contribute to the ongoing definition of novel clinical entities and to the further delineation of existing syndromes.

Laboratory for Human Evolutionary Genetics KU Leuven


Our research group is interested in human evolution and evolutionary population genetics in the broadest sense. We work on questions relating global genetic population structure with evolutionary processes such as selection, drift, migrations and admixture. We use evidence from modern and ancient genomes to study genetic changes taking place over time and space.

Human molecular genetics University of Antwerp

The main research interest lies in the field of sensory genetics. Although work is done for different forms of sensory diseases, the emphasis is on nonsyndromic sensorineural hearing impairment and otosclerosis. Large families are collected in Belgium and The Netherlands, as well as in countries with high consanguinity rate such as Iran. These pedigrees are analyzed by linkage analysis. Subsequently, the genes involved are identified by ...

Laboratory for Genetics of Cognition KU Leuven


Research in the Laboratory for Genetics of Cognition focuses on the clinical, genetic and molecular characterization of genetic disorders, associated with intellectual disability, X-linked as well as autosmal. Besides gene identification, applying the latest technology, we are also involved in developing models for neurodevelopmental disorders using the induced pluripotent stem cell technology.

Laboratory for Imaging Genetics KU Leuven


Medical Imaging Research Center is part of the department of human genetics of the KU Leuven. The Medical Imaging Research Center (MIRC) is an interdisciplinary research center with a central location in the University Hospital Gasthuisberg. It is surrounded by the different clinical imaging departments yielding easy access to the state-of-the-art imaging equipment and patient data. The focus lies on fundamental and translational research in ...

Laboratory of Behavioral and Developmental Genetics KU Leuven


The Laboratory of Behavioral and Developmental Genetics researches Gene circuits in Drosophila brain development as models for human neurodevelopmental disorders from transcription factors to effector genes and signaling pathways.

The long-term objectives of their research comprise:

  • the determination of the complexity of gene circuits required for neuronal identity and connectivity,
  • the analysis of the relationship ...

Cell Genetics Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The laboratory for Cell Genetics (Cytogenetics) studies variation in genotype and phenotype, cell division pathways, cell death and genetic changes relevant for the increase of cancer in human. Genotoxicity tests assess the induction of DNA damage, gene mutations, structural and numerical chromosome aberrations. Their predictivity for cancer induction is supported by international studies relating mutations and activation of cancer related ...

Clinical Genetics KU Leuven


The Divsion for Clinical Genetics has two research fields:

  • The Identification of new malformation syndromes (dysmorphology)
  • The identification of genes involved in the pathogenesis of congenital malformations, mental retardation (mainly X-linked forms) and developmental disabilities in general (mainly autism)