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Physical Chemistry and Polymer Science Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Objectives The research activities of FYSC are focused on '(molecular and supramolecular) structure - processing - property' relations in polymers for developing materials with improved performance. An important collection of analytical techniques and characterization procedures is available for this purpose. New macromolecular microstructures are designed by polymer synthesis in collaboration with external partners. A contribution to the ...

Brussels Photonics Team Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Photonics -the "Science-and-Technology-to-Harness-Light"- is a discipline that involves fundamental research of photons, of light-matter interactions, and the development of novel technologies and applications based on the unique properties of light. Photonics leverages these unique properties to probe, sense, transmit, process, display and store information, and to accomplish a multitude of original functionalities, which cannot be achieved ...