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Physics, Kulak Kortrijk Campus KU Leuven


Research topics of this unit:

  • non-linear acoustics
  • micro-damage diagnostics
  • damage localisation
  • materials characterisation
  • damage monitoring
  • constitutive equations
  • modelling wave propagation
  • nonlinear wave spectroscopy
  • analysis of strong ground motion

NUMA, Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics Section KU Leuven


NUMERICAL APPROXIMATION AND NUMERICAL LINEAR ALGEBRA GROUP (A. Bultheel): * Fast and stable algorithms to solve many problems in mathematics connected to continued fractions, orthogonal functions, rational approximation & interpolation, etc. with applications in signal processing, linear systems, etc.. * Numerical solution of recurrence relations with continued fractions. * Fast and stable algorithms to solve structured linear systems of ...

Electrical Engineering (ESAT), Kulak Kortrijk Campus KU Leuven


Research topics of this unit are:

• linear and multilinear algebra
• statistical (multichannel) signal processing
• higher-order statistics
• independent components analysis and blind source separation
• harmonic analysis
• factor analysis
• blind identification and equalization.

ESAT- TELEMIC, Telecommunications and Microwaves KU Leuven


TELEMIC = TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND MICROWAVES Microwave antennas: analysis and design of microstrip antennas and arrays with a number of distinct numerical models. Applications in radar and satellite communication systems. Antenna measurements and measurement techniques. Microwave circuits : MICs and MMICs for telecommunication systems (e.g. satellite and mobile communications). Study and design of amplifiers, low-noise circuits, mixers, ...