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Gene Expression Unit KU Leuven


We are interested in RNA expression of mammalian insulin producing pancreatic beta cells in order to explain how these cells function in normal health and how dysfunction can cause inappropriate release of insulin and diabetes. We study the profound phenotypic changes that occur in rodent beta cells during pregnancy. One of these changes concern serotonin production and secretion by a subpopulation of a heterogeneous beta cell population. ...

Division of Gene Therapy & Regenerative Medicine Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Convincing evidence continues to emerge from clinical trials that gene therapy is yielding therapeutic effects in patients suffering from a wide range of diseases. Moreover. the use of adult stem cells and the reprogramming of cells towards pluripotency are being heralded as some of the most promising developments in regenerative medicine at the forefront of medical innovation. This mirrors worldwide efforts in some of the leading research ...

Molecular Virology and Gene Therapy KU Leuven


The division Molecular Virology and Gene Therapy aims at developing novel therapeutics and diagnostics starting from basic research into the molecular cause of disease and employing the most advanced biomedical technologies. Research can be basic, applied or technological; in all cases our research aims at future applications in medicine.
Major disease areas are AIDS and Parkinson's disease. Other interests are gene therapy of cystic ...

Laboratory of Behavioral and Developmental Genetics KU Leuven


The Laboratory of Behavioral and Developmental Genetics researches Gene circuits in Drosophila brain development as models for human neurodevelopmental disorders from transcription factors to effector genes and signaling pathways.

The long-term objectives of their research comprise:

  • the determination of the complexity of gene circuits required for neuronal identity and connectivity,
  • the analysis of the relationship ...

Centre for Medical Genetics Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Topic A : Identification of new mutations in hereditary diseases (W. Lissens, I. Liebaers), more in particular: - cystic fibrosis - iduronate sulphate deficiency - Beta-glucuronidase deficiency - anti thrombosis III deficiency Topic B : Preimplantation genetics/expression (Liebaers I, Lissens W.) - expression Beta-hexosaminidase in mouse and human embryo's - preimplantation diagnosis in couples at risk for cysticfibrosis (F508) or couples at ...

Plant Genetics Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Research in the Laboratory of Plant Genetics concerns basic plant molecular genetics as well as applied research relevant to the plant biotechnology and agricultural sector. The research is focused on the following themes: · DNA repair and recombination mechanisms and methods to influence these processes. This may lead to development of improved plant breeding techniques, improved plant transformation technology and new techniques for ...

Cell Genetics Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The laboratory for Cell Genetics (Cytogenetics) studies variation in genotype and phenotype, cell division pathways, cell death and genetic changes relevant for the increase of cancer in human. Genotoxicity tests assess the induction of DNA damage, gene mutations, structural and numerical chromosome aberrations. Their predictivity for cancer induction is supported by international studies relating mutations and activation of cancer related ...

Department of General Biology Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Topic A : Coccodiosis Immuneresponse against coccidia: antigenic characterization of Eimeria stiedae and Eimeria magna; production of monoclonal antibodies and construction of expression libraries Characterisation of a double stranded RNA virus in Eimeria stiedae Topic B : Leishmaniasis Investigation of circular and linear forms of nucleic acids in Leishmania Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis karyotyping of New World Leishmania applications in ...

Embriology and Human Genetics Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Topic A : assisted fertilization for severe male-factor infertility Infertile couples who cannot be treated by standard in vitro fertilization, a.single spermatozoon is injected by micro-manipulation technique into the oocyte. Factors influencing the success of intracytoplasmatic sperm injection. Topic B : Cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos Since the number of oocytes and embryos which are replaced has to be limited to two or three, ...