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Laboratory of Molecular Bacteriology (Rega Institute) KU Leuven


1.Streptomyces as host for heterologous protein production. It has aldready proven that Streptomyces is a good choice for heterologous protein production and can be an invaluable host for eukaryotic proteins. Some of these heterologous proteins are secreted as biologically active compounds in commercially significant yield using expression/secretion signals we have isolated (EP0851931A), they can easily be purified and have the same ...

Laboratory of Clinical Bacteriology and Mycology KU Leuven


Microbiology Diagnosis of invasive fungal infections and determination of the sensitivity to antifungal agents. Investigation of Canclida biofilms on the basis of in vitro models and an in vivo rat model. Development of an expert system that can localize and predict outbreaks of the Haitavirus and Lyme disease. National reference laboratory for invasive infections caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae. National reference center for Yersinia ...