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Department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care Ghent University

We are integrated in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and support the contributions of the faculty to The Training in Health Equity Network (THENet).The Department participates at different levels in key advisory boards on public health, primary health care and health policy. The Department hosts the International Centre for Primary Health Care and Family Medicine - Ghent University, a WHO Collaborating Centre on PHC, and cooperate ...

Educational management University of Antwerp

Research concerning the relationship between social processes and educational leaderschip in order to improve the quality of education. Research topics deals with School management, ethnic minorities in Flemish education, marketing of educational institutions, organisational culture of schools and the evaluation of school leader training.

Department of Sociology Ghent University

The department consists of five research groups: POS+ Participation, Opportunities, Structures (onderzoek naar de multidimensionale patronen van sociale participatie en uitsluiting in hedendaagse en vroegere samenlevingen), Centre for Higher Education Governance Ghent (CHEGG; research on governance in higher education), Center for Social Theory (CST; theoretical and theory-driven empirical research, organized around four major themes: 1) ...

Accountancy and Finance University of Antwerp

In the research group Accountancy and Finance fundamental and applied research in the areas of "Accountancy", "Financing" and "Insurance" is been executed. Below is an overview of the various research topics that are discussed in the study. The field of accountancy: • Financial accounting: external reporting, international accounting, investor communication, imitation behaviour of companies, environmental reporting, narrative reporting, ...