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Centre for the Evaluation of Vaccination (CEV) University of Antwerp

The main research activities of the Centre for the Evaluation of Vaccination (CEV) are: • conduct of vaccine trials (phase 1-4) through a professional vaccination platform • conduct of human challenge studies in adapted facility • Research on development of (vaccine-) devices (e.g. Injection devices) and diagnostic device research • Epidemiology and surveillance of infectious diseases • Conduct of vaccination coverage studies • Research on ...

Educational Effectiveness and Evaluation KU Leuven


The research in the Centre for Educational Effectivness and Evaluation focuses on the functioning of schools, teachers and classes.
Current studies deal with the school career of secondary school students and the effectiveness of schools.
The studies on the school career of students concentrate on the cognitive and non-cognitive effects of repeating classes, the transition from school to job, and the development of the academic ...

Amphibian Evolution Lab Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The Amphibian Evolution Lab is situated in Brussels and is mainly working on the reconstruction of different aspects of amphibian evolution. We tackle multiple kinds of question using modern integrative biology, combining fieldwork and biological essays with lab expertise in transcriptomics, genomics and phylogenetics. Our current research can be divided in three distinct, but often closely intertwined themes: 1) the natural history and ...

Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity Conservation KU Leuven


LABORATORY OF AQUATIC ECOLOGY (F. Ollevier, L. Brendonck, L. De Meester, R. Stoks, F. Volckaert) - Aquatic ecology and biodiversity including population genetics & evolutionary genetics of aquatic vertebrates & invertebrates. - Fish diseases (parasites, bacteria) and aquatic microbiology. - Management of aquatic ecosystems (trophical cascade) in relation with eutrophication. - Ecophysiology related with aquaculture, reproduction. - ...

Isotope Geology and Evolution of Paleo-Environmnents Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The group GEOL studies the evolution of the environments throughout Earth history. The topics encompasses paleoclimatic research in the last few million years, essentially by investigating the continental record and second documenting the origins and consequences of major biological and climatic changes throughout geological time. Cratering processes by asteroid and comet impacts on Earth (or other planet) constitutes a major research topic ...