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Division of Bioeconomics KU Leuven


The Division of Bioeconomics has three main research lines:

  • poverty reduction and economic growth in poor countries and the sustainable and efficient use of natural resource to realize pro-poor growth;
  • the transition towards a sustainable bio-based economy;
  • the link between economic and ecological models by refining functions of socio-economic drivers that are used to model resource use change and changes in ...

Department of History Ghent University

The Department of History prides itself on a broad expertise in the academic field of history, both in terms of historical periods (from ancient to contemporary) and with regard to theories, schools and methodologies (e.g. ecological history, social history, oral history). The department is organized into seven research units, by historical period (four) and theme (three): Ancient History Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies ...

Sinology, Leuven KU Leuven


Sinology at KULeuven includes the following three domains of research: 1. CLASSICAL CHINESE PHILOSOPHY (Zhou en Han Dynasties): * An analysis of the 'Xunzi' as a culmination of early Chinese philosophical debates; * The ethic-religious core chapters of 'Mozi': a textual analysis of the three-fold structure; * A study of the 'Xunzi'; * Paradoxes in early taoist writings: a philosophical and textual analysis; * From normative language to ...

Architecture and Society KU Leuven


The division ‘Architecture and Society’ stands at the crossroads between engineering and the architectural sciences on the one hand, and the humanities and social sciences on the other, and uses a broad variety of relevant methodologies from these fields in an interdisciplinary perspective. Its research ranges from theory to practice and experimentation, across all spatial scales from the building element to the territorial, and through time ...