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Veterinary Biostatistics and Epidemiology Institute of Tropical Medicine


The Unit of Veterinary Epidemiology is mainly involved in quantitative epidemiology, including pathogen transmission simulation modelling (from differential equation models to agent-based models), risk analysis and statistical analysis, both in frequentist and Bayesian frameworks, of experimental and observational data, including analysis of results of multi-test diagnostics. This unit’s research activities range from omics over ...

Epidemiology and Control of HIV/STD Institute of Tropical Medicine

Unit of Epidemiology and Control of HIV/STD

The unit was established in 2005 and works very closely together with the HIV/AIDS Policy Unit led by Professor Marie Laga. The unit is led by Professor Anne Buvé.

The main research topic of the unit is the vulnerability to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among young women in sub-Saharan Africa. This includes the role of the vaginal environment and behavioural and ...

Social Epidemiology & Health Policy (SEHPO) University of Antwerp

Regarding Social Epidemiology, an important line of research within our Research Group is the licit and illicit substance use in students. Our group has (1) a large European project on substance use and social norms, (2) collaborations with colleagues from two South-African Universities (University of Limpopo and University of Kwazulu Natal) to replicate the studies on substance use in Flemish students by using similar questionnaires and (3) ...

Hypertension and Cardiovascular Epidemiology KU Leuven


The Research Unit Hypertension and Cardiovascular Epidemiology (HCVE) coordinated influential clinical trials, published in top-ranking journals, such as the Systolic Hypertension in Europe Trial (Syst-Eur), the Ambulatory blood Pressure monitoring and Treatment of Hypertension trial (APTH) and the Treatment of hypertension based on Home or Office blood Pressure trial (THOP). HCVE led the Data Safety and Monitoring Board of large clinical ...

Epidemiology and social medicine (ESOC) University of Antwerp

The work of ESOC encompasses research, academic teaching and clinical practice in the following topics: - Social Medecine- Epidemiology and medical statistics- Medical sociology and Health policy- Public health- University scientific institute for drug problems

Laboratory for Genetic Epidemiology KU Leuven


Laboratory of Genetic Epidemiology.

The research in the Laboratory for Genetic Epidemiology focuses on the clinical and genetic characterization of complex developmental disorders, in particular autism spectrum disorders. It concerns the search for new causes and the clinical validation of known genetic risk variants. In addition, in a joint research program with the Department of ESAT-PSI image and speech processing the ...