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Political Representation in Diverse Societies Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Political representation is a crucial concept in political science. In essence, representation entails something or someone (the agent) standing for an absent thing or person (the principal). Political representation thus places an intermediary (agent) between citizens (principals) and political decision-making. These agents are called representatives. The fact that every society contains different interests and nodes that want to be ...

Policy in Sports & Physical Activity Research Group KU Leuven



The general mission of the Policy in Sports & Physical Activity Research Group is to conduct and provide high quality research and education in the field of human kinesiology, including sports economics, sports history, sports management, sports marketing, sports policy, sports politics and sports sociology.

The research group strives to understand the relation between human movement and society both from a ...

Institute for Labour Law KU Leuven


The Institute is part of the Faculty of Law and is a subdivision of the unit ‘Labour Law and Social Security Law’. The unit’s mission is to produce and involve in:

  • fundamental research that conforms with the highest scientific standards;
  • research of high quality with relevance for legal practice and policy;
  • education and training in the unit’s relevant fields, with the aim to provide the most recent, research based ...

Institute for Social Law KU Leuven


The main task of the Institute is to conduct scientific research in the field of social security law in its broadest sense. Approximately 20 researchers are employed.

The Institute for Social Law is one of the two research institutes within the department of Labor Law and Social Security Law.

Institute for Media Studies KU Leuven


The Institute for Media Studies (IMS) strives for international excellence in the research fields of both media and communication. The IMS produces innovative and critical scientific research with a focus on four domains:

  • Journalism & News
  • Strategic Communication
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Media Culture

In addition, the IMS employs its research expertise to provide quality education, to ...

Laboratory of Clinical and Epidemiological Virology (Rega Institute) KU Leuven


The research team of Prof. Vandamme is investigating factors influencing antiviral treatment response in HIV infected patients with a special focus on the impact of virus drug resistance. The team is responsible for drug resistance testing in clinical practice at the local AIDS Reference Laboratory. Another research topic involves the evolution and molecular epidemiology of human viruses, seeking to understand in particular the origin and ...