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Education and Society KU Leuven


The Laboratory for Education and Society (LES) conducts research on three issues in our contemporary society. They examine how modern technologies shape our reality (virtuality and digitization), which paradoxes evoke increasing pluralism (cohesion and pluralisation), and what it means that our society is characterized by competence development (competition and professionalisation).

Centre for Language and Education, Leuven KU Leuven


The research programme of the CTO includes fundamental and applied research into the relation between language, education and migration.

Research mainly focuses on language acquisition, language behaviour in multilingual settings, interaction in the language classroom, language policy, (second) language education and language testing. Special attention goes to the linguistic mechanisms that influence equity in education. This has led to ...

Research Group Education and Labour Market KU Leuven


Labour market research carried out by HIVA looks at both the demand for and supply of labour, as well as the match between supply and demand and the policy implemented in this regard. The first theme covers the dynamics of the labour market in Belgium in terms of businesses, jobs and employees. The second theme deals with activation, re-employment and the support of careers and competencies. Related themes such as job migration and the ...

Teacher Education Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The Decree concerning teacher education and continuous professional education foresees that the departments for teacher education also develop educational research. IDLO is striving for an overall subject-didactical research, research on educational didactics, and the development of research on education-oriented themes which contribute to the teacher education. These goals are certainly stimulated by the multidisciplinarity within IDLO. The ...

EU-China Higher Education Research Center Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The EU-China Higher Education Research Center (ECHE) is established as a research group and platform in Vrije Universiteit Brussel to facilitate research and collaboration on higher education issues in EU and China. The mission of ECHE is to conduct research in the area of higher education; to facilitate research collaborations between European and Chinese higher education institutions; and to promote mutual understanding about the ...

Research in Education Hasselt University

  1. Education research at university level with attention for:
    • the development of high quality curricula
    • the understanding of the learning process of students and the mutual influence of educational and learning contexts (included the problem of the passage high school-university)
    • the development of high quality evaluation tools for both student and teacher performances
  2. Projects in collaboration ...

Research Centre for Mathematics, Education, Econometrics and Statistics (MEES), Brussels Campus KU Leuven


The Research Centre for Mathematics, Education, Econometrics and Statistics joins staff members who teach courses on mathematics, econometrics or statistics. The research of the group is rather heterogeneous and pertains to domains of mathematics (e.g., differential geometry), education (e.g, strategy choice and strategy development, numerical and mathematical cognition, problem solving, mathematics learning), econometrics (portfolio ...