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Immunology University of Antwerp

The overarching basic research of our research unit fits in the faculty spearhead of inflammation and focusses on the activating and inhibitory mechanisms that govern basophil and mast cell degranulation, as witnessed by our 2 Senior Researcher Fellowships (FWO). Using functional flowcytometry we study how basophils and cultured human mast cells react upon various secretagogues and how this activation can be influenced. These studies are mainly ...

Translational Pathophysiological Research (TPR) University of Antwerp

The team of Translational Pathophysiological Research houses research topics in Biochemistry; Pharmacology; Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology; Cardiovascular diseases; Physiology; Immunology and Allergology; Rheumatology; General Internal Medicine and Dermatology.Collaborative research is focused on inflammation, cell and immune therapy and the exploration of novel possibilities for pharmacotherapy.