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The Centre for Research & Development Monitoring ECOOM is an interuniversity consortium with participation of all Flemish universities (KU Leuven, UGent, VUB, UAntwerpen and UHasselt). Its mission is to develop a consistent system of R&D and Innovation indicators and classifications for the Flemish government. These systems have to assist the Flemish government in mapping and monitoring the RD&I efforts in the Flemish region.

ECOOM-UHasselt manages the classification lists of research output, more specifically publications, scientific disciplines, financial lists and technology domains. To this end, ECOOM-UHasselt manages the semantics associated with each of these lists in consultation with the various stakeholders and taking into account national and international trends. The focus is both on defining an unambiguous semantic of the different classifications as well as on updating and extending the existing classifications. The resulting classifications not only serve to reduce the administrative burden associated with research reporting, but are also used on the FRIS-portal in order to visualise the Flemish research output. 

More information: https://www.ecoom.be/en/member_details/uhasselt

Contact: ECOOM@UHasselt.be