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Disciplines in FRIS

Research disciplines

Since the early 1990s the universities are using a list of research disciplines.This list was originally compiled by the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) and was subsequently supplemented on an ad hoc basis.This list orders scientific research in uniform and transparent categories, with attention for social and human sciences.Initially, the list contained about 400 disciplines.

The FRIS data suppliers categorize the research projects and research groups with these disciplines.They use the disciplines to report to the Flemish government via the annual FRIS reporting and integrate them into their internal databases such as staff and research databases.

The current list of disciplines for projects and research groups can be found here. image.png

The list of research disciplines is available as a filter in the left-hand bar at the portal beside the projects, organizations and researchers. For the researchers, the disciplines are derived from the projects in which they participate.

In course of 2018 a renewed version of the list will be implemented.The Expertise Center for Research and Development Monitoring (ECOOM) finalizes a new Flemish discipline list that integrates three existing classification lists for research disciplines, namely the FWO, the FRIS and the VLIR discipline list into one Flemish classification list.That reformed list will be used for reporting purposes and for research mapping.

FRIS publication disciplines

A different list of disciplines is used for the publications, developed by ECOOM for bibliometric purposes.The list is a further grouping of the nearly 200 disciplines of the Web of Science.  This applies only to publications in scientific journals as recorded in Web of Science.

The current list of disciplines for publications can be found here. image.png

The list of research disciplines is available as a filter in the left-hand bar at the portal beside the publications.