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RRMScorer datasets

This set of datasets comprises all the data generated to develop RRMScorer, an RRM-RNA binding prediction tool. It provides information on the RRM structures and RRM-RNA complexes selection, about residue-nucleotide interactions between the RRMs and the RNAs, the alignments of both the proteins and the RNAs, the RNA similarity based on the way they bind to the RRM and the folowing clustering of the most similar complexes. Finally we also provide some validation results based on RNAcompete experimental data.
Additional information:List of RNA Recognition Motif (RRM) related dataset tat were generated to develop the RNA binding predictor RRMScorer.
Publication year:2022
Publisher:PLOS Computational Biology
Format:fasta, txt, csv, json
Size:50 Mb
Keywords: RNA recognition motif, Protein structures, RNA binding, UniProt, PDB, Protein alignment, RNA, RRM, Predictor