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Replication Data for: Analysis of laser scanning and photogrammetric scanning accuracy on the numerical determination of Head-Related Transfer Functions of a dummy head

This dataset contains numerically simulated Head-Related Impulse Responses (HRIRs) of the KU100 dummy head mesh. The HRIRs are computed on laser and photogrammetric scans of the dummy head. The scope of the dataset is to analyse the effect of the geometrical scanning error on the Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs), deriving from the computed HRIRs, in terms of objective and perceptually inspired metrics related to binaural hearing. Please refer to the readme.txt for further description.
Publication year:2023
Publisher:KU Leuven RDR
Format:sofa, txt
Keywords: Binaural Hearing, Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs)