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The CAD WALK Hallux Valgus Dataset (Pre-Surgery)

This dataset contains the raw dynamic plantar pressure measurements of 50 Dutch individuals with Hallux Valgus collected prior to surgical intervention at Sint Maartenskliniek centres in the Netherlands. For each individual, between 8-15 dynamic plantar pressure measurements were collected from both feet. Also collected are walking speeds for each plantar pressure measurements, and demographic information of all individuals measured (age, height, weight, shoe size, sex, handedness, leg dominance). Additionally, x-ray images were used to measure the hallux valgus angle and intermetatarsal angle for each hallux valgus case. Finally, each participant also completed two foot self-assessment questionnaires: the Foot Function Index (FFI-5pt) and the Manchester-Oxford foot questionnaire. The score from these self-assessments are also provided.
Publication year:2019
Keywords: Human medicine