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The Soil Service of Belgium aims to promote the quality of the environment by undertaking a scientific study of  factors that influence the production process, the quality of the product and the environment and the practical control of production of goods and services. This can lead to the application of these findings into the practice of the agricultural and industrial business community and to the government.

The practice-oriented application may include the promotion of sustainable (agricultural) production methods, the organization of after-school training activities, awareness-raising campaigns, agricultural education activities, the construction of test and demonstration fields, the development and implementation of tools and farm advisory systems, etc.

All necessary analyzes, advice and studies on the soil, water, air, nutrients, raw materials, waste materials, waste waters, sludge and the environment are included and can be carried out for third parties.

The association may provide all necessary services and publish publications for this purpose. The association may possess all movable and immovable property that is necessary to achieve its objective. It may participate in and cooperate with all associations and companies that may be useful for its purpose.

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